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Lizton Volunteer Fire Department has been providing emergency services to the surrounding community since 1946. During the year, in-between fighting fires, responding to accidents and saving lives our department hosts children and various other groups. We have a dynamic group of individuals who take serving the welfare of this community seriously. Thinking of joining our department? Please give us a call @ 317-994-5400


Our History

Nestled in the far northwest corner of Hendricks County, Indiana sits the one and only Town of Lizton. The town is located in Union Township and is the home of the Lizton-Union Twp. V.F.D. Lizton is the ONLY town, city, burg, or hamlet in the world with the name “Lizton”. An attribute that adds to the uniqueness of the LUTVFD.

Established in 1946, under the direction of Fire Chief Roark, the LUTVFD purchased their first new pumper in October of that year. They were “open for business”.

On February 9, 1947 at 12:25 p.m., the LUTVFD was summoned on its first alarm; a small working fire at the home of Carl Henry who was using oil soaked rags to aid in thawing frozen pipes. The fire was contained in under an hour and damage was estimated at $150.00! 

That same day, at 1:30 p.m. another house fire was sounded at the farm of Hattie Dowden. This house would burn to the ground due to the head start the fire had before the LUTVFD was alerted. Many contents were saved during the operation due to dedicated volunteers who worked diligently to hold the spreading flames at bay while they salvaged what they could reach. However, tragedy struck at this incident. Fireman Bud Hardesty was attempting to cut off the electricity to the house by scaling the power pole via a ground ladder. Fireman Hardesty was killed in the line of duty by electrocution on only the second fire in the history of the LUTVFD.

The fatal events of that day did not go unheralded. As of result of the investigation into the loss of Fireman Hardesty, ruled an accident by the State Fire Marshall, many recommendations and safety practices were established when operating at a fire in which power lines or live electrical service was a concern. Some of these guidelines, after many revisions, are still in place today.


Over the years, the LUTVFD has changed equipment and manpower as all Volunteer Fire Departments do. Though the faces have changed, and the truck numbers have changed, and the firehouse has changed, and even the badges and patches have changed, so yet remains the one constant of the LUTVFD: Dedication.
Staffed solely by volunteers from throughout the community, the LUTVFD has always attracted the best of what Lizton and Union Township have to offer. Young and old comprise the firefighting force of the LUTVFD. Ranging from over thirty years to under one year, though the experience is vastly different, the goal is the same: Protect the citizens and property of Lizton-Union Twp.
The district of Lizton is a small town of approximately 400 residents and is a sleepy bedroom community with a few small businesses sprinkled throughout and is also home of Tri-West High School and Middle School. The outlying Union Township is also comprised of a lot of rural farmland with some light commercial and industry, new sub-divisions, and a healthcare facility. The LUTVFD serves an area over 36 square miles.

This coverage is provided by 6 pieces of apparatus staffed by almost 20 Volunteers. The department operates a rescue pumper, a pumper/tanker, a BLS ambulance, a grass rig, a support unit, and a command vehicle. Advanced Life Support comes from neighboring departments Pittsboro, Danville, Brownsburg, or Boone County EMS based in Lebanon, Indiana.
All personnel are Indiana State Certified or the NFPA equivalent as Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians or First Responders, Haz-Mat Operations, and all personnel are NIMS compliant.
So, welcome to the website of the Lizton-Union Township Volunteer Fire Department. As you peruse our site, you will meet our Officers and our Volunteers, you will see our firehouse, and you will see our apparatus…all of which we are very proud of. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your visit to the ONLY Lizton-Union Township V.F.D. anywhere in the entire world!

Serving Lizton since 1946

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